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The Patchport

What are the Patchports?


Dandelion’s Patchport is a skills and knowledge based child-led outdoor learning program; created by experienced, and qualified teachers and forest school leaders, Dandelion’s Patchport supports and nurtures development while providing a progressive framework for learning. The aim of The Patchport is to develop confidence and self-esteem, and to empower children to become independent and self-aware learners.


Through the environment and with the support of skilled teachers, children engage in purposeful, meaningful activities in a range of outdoor environments. Children learn vital social and life skills as they collaborate and communicate with peers while managing their own environment, and completing their own Patchport.


Children are free to focus as many or as few individual Patchports as they wish to. The child chooses when to begin a Patchport and when to complete it. 


Dandelion’s Patchport consists of 9 key areas:

  • Toolwork

  • Fire lighting and building

  • Cooking

  • Philosophy

  • Mind and body

  • Trees bug and beasts

  • Risk assessment

  • Den building

  • Knots 


Within each area you will find 3 competency levels:

  • Apprentice

  • Independent 

  • Leader (At this level, children support peers as they progress through the prior levels)

A Patchport pack includes:


  • A teacher handbook, complete with QR codes for tips and links to ‘how to’ films 

  • Child Patchports (27 booklets per child!)

  • Campfire recipes

  • A tree, bug, and insect mini guide 

  • And a surprise gift!

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