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The Patch

For children who need a little more room to grow

Aged 4-8

The Patch at Dandelion supports young children from the age of 4 through to the end of KS1. Dandelion’s secure environment and approach is particularly suitable for children whose needs include those associated with: trauma; anxiety,  emotional social and behavioural development,  mental health issues, speech and language issues, low self-esteem and low levels of confidence. 

Children who attend Dandelion’s Patch often struggle in conventional settings and environments; they may be school refusers, or in need of small group high quality nurture and support.

We accept referrals from schools, the local authority, Social Services, agencies, organisations and families/carers. Referrals are assessed on an individual basis in collaboration with the referee.

Programme Overview:

Through the environment and with the support of skilled teachers, children engage in purposeful , meaningful activities in a beautiful, woodland environment.

Themes selected by the group enables each individual to plan alongside knowledgeable adults as they co-create their own curriculum via Dandelion’s Patch Passport. These specific child-led programmes engage minds, inspire play, build confidence and nurture a love of learning for its own sake.  

Children learn vital social and life skills as they collaborate and communicate with peers while managing their own environment, and completing their own passport (Patchport). They develop: tool skills; cook around the fire, undertake and lead risk assessments, learn through their environment, develop emotional literacy, and self-awareness, through collaboration and philosophy sessions and  learn to self-regulate through co-regulation alongside adults.

Dandelion’s Patch Passport (or Patchport) consists of up to 9 key areas.

Children are free to select as many or as few areas as they wish to focus on. The child chooses when to begin an area of the Dandelion curriculum and when to complete it. Dandelion’s aim is to develop confidence and self-esteem, and to empower children to become independent and self-aware. 

Testimonial from a Dandelion family

"My daughter loves Dandelion. The nursery have differentiated for her complex needs and the one-to-one care they provide for her is beyond excellent. It's an extremely caring and professional nursery in a lovely outside setting. Can't praise the staff enough, it really is a special place and so glad my daughter has a place there."

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