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Holiday Club

Rain or shine, fun is to be had at Dandelion’s holiday club!

Children aged 3-8 years can choose to take part in tool work, woodland art and craft, den building, mud slinging, fire building, cooking on an open fire and much more!

Brunch is cooked and shared on an open fire, and fruit snacks are provided.

Looking for something else?

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The Nursery

Dandelion's award-winning nursery  for children aged 2-5.

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The Seed Pod

Dandelion's brand new provision for babies and toddlers aged 1-2

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The Den

Outstanding forest school setting for flexi-ed and home-educators aged 5-8


The Patch

Specialist provision for children who need a little more space to grow, aged 3-8

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Reception Year

Stay at Dandelion for your reception year, available in the Nursery or Den


Holiday Club

Dandelion's holiday club runs throughout every school holiday for ages 3-8


Stay & Play

Join us for our weekly Wild Adventurers morning, for families and children aged 0-8