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1000 Days: Choosing a childcare provider and the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage)

Dandelion understands the value and importance of a child’s early years.

We know that the First 1000 days are vitally important for your child’s development, as are all of the days that lead to your child’s first entry into school and form the foundation stage of learning.

To ensure children have the best possible start in life that goes beyond the first 1000 days means that your choice of childcare provider / school must be carefully considered.

There are numerous factors to take into account here, such as: your own values and your aspirations for your child; your rationale for enrolling your child into day care/choosing a school; the environment, procedures, and ethos of the childcare setting; the quality and qualifications of the setting’s staff; the intent for learning set out by the setting/school.

A setting’s intent statement may differ, but all registered settings must meet the requirements as stated in the Early Years Statutory Framework 2021.

Early Years settings may also refer to two other documents:

  • Birth to 5

  • Development Matters

At Dandelion, we use these non-statutory documents as reference guidance; we meet any non-statutory requirements in a uniquely ‘Dandelion’ way, continuing to meet the 7 areas of learning in a purposeful, holistic, fun and child-led manner.

Dandelion can meet the 7 areas of learning ( in a square metre!! This is impossible to achieve in an indoor setting, but we are able to do this due to the expertise of our staff and the richness of our natural environment.

Alongside this, staff use Tapestry, discrete assessments, and an awareness of your child to support your child’s foundation years with a care and expertise that forms a firm foundation for lifelong learning and success.


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