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Girls Can!

Dandelion is an award-winning all-inclusive, enabling environment that welcomes all children and celebrates every child as unique and capable.

Historically our cohorts have consisted of a 50/50 boy-to-girl ratio. Of late this has shifted and we currently have a significant imbalance with more boys than girls. We often hear comments from adults such as 'Dandelion is a great place for boys' and 'Boys would love this'. We hear young boys exclaim that 'Girls can't use axes' and also hear comments such as 'Boys don't cry'.

We absolutely must address these misconceptions in the Early Years if we are to challenge stereotypes and free our children. Despite many developments within society, bias and stereotyping against BOTH genders remains endemic...this film aims to demonstrate the capacity and physical resilience that girls are capable of. We are excited to share that there will be a Boys Can and Children Can film too.


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