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Meet The Team: AARON

Aaron joined our Dandelion team 2 years ago as an apprentice. He has now completed a level 3 apprenticeship and was awarded a distinction!

Aaron is also a dedicated level 3 Forest school and Bushcraft practitioner.

Aaron's approach to Early year's teaching is gentle, calm and kind. His child centred approach scaffolds children's learning in the most appropriate and effective manner.

Aaron is an excellent craftsman; building many of our strong and stable structures. Aaron is a master of smart solutions for tricky problems. He loves to pass on his engineering skills and knowledge to both children and colleagues

Let's learn more about Aaron!

What do the children think of Aaron?

“I really like building with him (Aaron) because it's finished really soon. He is really caring.

He is amazing and can reach really high things that other adults can't reach.”

A quote from a Dandelion family:

“Xx has a strong bond with Aaron at Dandelion. Xx also asks for Aaron to come to dinner!”

What do his colleagues say?

“Magnetic - the children love him. The children love to run and play tumbling games with him.”

“Aaron is gentle and caring. He is very knowledgeable about the environment and keeping everyone safe.”

An interesting fact about Aaron

I spent 5 months travelling around New Zealand, then Hawaii. When I set off, I only had my flights booked and 1 night in a hotel when I landed to figure out my next move. I figured the rest out as I went along.

Why does Aaron love working at Dandelion?

I’ve had the privilege of working with many different learners from a wide range of ages and backgrounds.

What I’ve come to realise is that the world children play and learn in is an enchanting and wonderful place to be. Children are incredible teachers.

They see the world in a beautiful and unfiltered way. I love getting to spend time in their world, helping them to learn and grow. I’m at my happiest when I’m outside, in all weathers and all seasons.

I also believe the outdoors is the greatest classroom we have as the potential for learning is so huge. Dandelion champions many of the things I believe education should be. Not only is everything we do child-led and play based learning, but we also help children to understand their own internal landscape, communicate their own thoughts and feelings and be receptive to others in the same way.

In my spare time I try to get outside with my family. We’ll often go walking with the dog, either in the woods or at the beach. We also go exploring the smaller rivers and waterways around Norfolk by canoe as I’m a paddle sport instructor and guide. Any chance I get, I like to escape to go wild camping and further my bushcraft skills.

Hip-hip-hooray for Aaron!


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