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Meet the team: SALLY

Sally joined the Dandelion team over 2 years ago. Sally is a qualified lead teacher (QTS). She is also a Forest School level 3 practitioner and one of our Den leaders. Sally is an incredibly dedicated, hard working member of the Dandelion team. Her gentle manner and nurturing approach have supported many new Dandelions as they begin their journey at Dandelion.

Sally's Strengths:

Super strength!!

Tool knowledge

Amazing story teller

Making the impossible possible

Work mum to staff - supports all with her intuition and care

Let's learn more about Sally!

What do the children say about Sally?

I like her




Holding her hand

A quote from a Dandelion Family:

“Sally will always hold a special place in our heart. We have a lot to thank her for”

“L talked about her a lot during settling. She obviously made her feel really comfortable”

What do her colleagues say?

Sally is a very supportive colleague.

Full of fun and creative activity and game ideas for the children.

Sally is very inventive and helps the children feel resilient. She makes the impossible possible!

She is a superhero. She’s great at getting the children involved in collaborative play together, engaging and scooping them all up into games and play.

Sally is such a calm, kind and caring person. She is the glue that sticks us all together as a team. She is outstanding with all children and is particularly adept at supporting new two year olds. The children adore her.

Sally and O share a beautiful bond, Sally is responsible for bringing out both confidence and happiness in O and we recognise she has gone above and beyond in her care and nurturing of O. Thank you Sally!!!

Quote from O...Sally is great!

An interesting fact about Sally:

I was once offered a place in the British National Kendo Squad!

What does Sally love about working at Dandelion?

I love working with young children. They are amazing beings, bursting with curiosity and humour, with an unconscious thirst for learning and investigating the world around them. They fill me with joy, laughter and wonder. I am thrilled to be joining the Dandelion team in this unique Forest School/Philosophy led environment. This is a place where children can learn so much by investigating or by being in the moment. By challenging themselves or others whilst swapping ideas, all the while being guided by a team who care about each and every individual. In my spare time I enjoy rowing for pleasure and competitively, cycling with my family, reading, and needle crafts. I enjoy growing things in my vegetable garden and am looking forward to trying out some new crop varieties in the coming years.

Hip-hip-hooray for Sally!

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