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Meet the Team: TARL

Hello Dandelions,

Dandelion wouldn’t be the same without our incredibly talented and dedicated staff and we thought it was about time to let you know how special they really are!

Every few weeks we will shine a light on each of our team, this week starting with our passionate Eaton Manager, Tarl:

Tarl’s pursuit of knowledge is tireless; continually working to increase his understanding of Early years education and childhood development. Tarl shares his knowledge gently / generously. He has taught staff to enrich learning with children when cooking, when reading with them, and when making toys on our tool table with them. He has a deep understanding of Dandelion’s approach to teaching phonics and philosophy.

Tarl has also taken on the role of lead safeguarding and executes this role as proficiently as he does his manager role.

The children are deeply engaged in Tarl’s teaching and he continually strives to improve further.

Tarl has a professional attitude towards paperwork and his planning, and administrative responsibilities; his work is executed to an extremely high standard that reflects both Tarl’s professional attitude and deep knowledge of the children in his care.

Tarl thrives on professional dialogues and pushes the team to be the best they can be.

We thank our lucky stars that Tarl is a member of our dedicated team.

When Tarl first came to Dandelion his light was an ember, he is now a shooting star that glows brighter every day, shining on all who know him.

How has Tarl made a difference:

Tarl’s gift is his empathetic approach to working with colleagues, parents and children. Recently, during lockdown , a parent called to say that Tarl was a part of her 3 year old’s daily narrative at home. Because of her child’s secure relationship with Tarl the family have decided to defer their daughter’s school start date. When a child was struggling to settle and had been unable to speak to anyone Tarl produced a ‘talk fairy’ from his pocket and gently gave it to the girl; she took it and began to talk . From that moment on they were securely attached.

Tarl reflects on the children’s needs and often arrives at work with new and gentle ideas to support a child or parent who is struggling.

Tarl installs deep trust in parents and they will ask to speak to him if they have difficult issues to discuss. Tarl extends his kindness to colleagues. . He notices if someone is ‘out of sorts’ and is in charge of staff well-being supervisions which directly and positively impact on the well-being of the whale setting.

Tarl makes sure he is available to listen without being intrusive. He also thanks staff who teach him something.

Three cheers for Tarl!

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