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Wild Child

"Working at Dandelion repeatedly reminds me of the simple vitality of being outdoors, which I expected. But I was not expecting to be shown how to be a better parent."

From Wild Child by Patrick Barkham

Patrick Barkham, a natural history journalist for The Guardian and author of numerous books, is a Dandelion Champion.

Volunteering for a year, alongside our Den group, Patrick was most often found fire lighting and bug hunting!

His passion for all things 'nature' found a welcome home at Dandelion; his love of the outdoors, and his ardent belief in its importance for future generations, shines through in his engaging book 'Wild Child'. Patrick's book is testimony to the fact that time spent at Dandelion, with the freedom to play, explore, imagine and learn, is always time well spent.

"Dandelion has transformed the lives of our children for the better. Milly, Esme and Ted, have been attending Dandelion for five years, first at the nursery and then, weekly, via a flexi-school arrangement. Dandelion has enabled them to create imaginatively, name their feelings, set boundaries, work independently and in groups, and find joy in the natural world. It has given them an inner confidence, resilience and freedom. It has been a safe haven and a safe space – under the trees and in all weathers, a liberation from screens, anxiety and testing. We know many other parents feel the same. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Dandelion to parents and children of all backgrounds and abilities."

Patrick Barkham and Lisa Walpole

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