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Holiday Club Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions:


  • A registration form must be completed when booking - should any changes occur between activity days , staff must be informed and this will be noted on your form.

  • If medication is required during the day, a medical form must be completed otherwise this can not be administered

  • Dandelion will not be held responsible for: 

 - Any omissions of information which may impede the ability of the named child to thrive - such as an undisclosed or unknown medical condition

 - Lost property, damage to clothing or belongings 

 - Children outside of the setting boundaries, unless the group is on an arranged outing with setting staff

  • Refunds will not be given for non-attendance 

  • Children will not be allowed to leave Dandelion with any adult other than those named above - in exceptional circumstances a password may be given to the staff and the collecting adult

  • Late fees may apply if my child is collected beyond the designated pick-up time - please inform the setting if you are unexpectedly going to be late for collection

  • I understand that I will be contacted and asked to collect my child if:

 - My child is sick

 - My child exhibits extreme behaviours that may cause harm to themselves, property and / or others 

 - There is a critical incident on site.

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