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Unlock Your Child's Potential with
Dandelion Education

Welcome to Dandelion Education, our experienced team provides a stimulating, safe environment for all our families, with services to suit everyone from our award-winning nursery, to our specialist provision, the Patch, as well as our Stay & Play Groups, Holiday Club and much more.

Our award-winning managing directors, Hayley and Emma also offer training and consultancy to other nurseries and professionals. 

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The Nursery

Dandelion's award-winning nursery  for children aged 2-5.


The Patch

Specialist provision for children who need a little more space to grow, aged 3-8

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The Den

Outstanding forest school setting for flexi-ed and home-educators aged 5-8


Stay & Play

Join us for our weekly Wild Adventurers morning, for families and children aged 0-8

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Reception Year

Stay at Dandelion for your reception year, available in the Nursery or Den


Holiday Club

Dandelion's holiday club runs throughout every school holiday for ages 3-8


Dandelion Shop

Home and learning resources from Dandelion Education

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Training & Consultancy

Our award-winning founders and MD's offer tailored training and consultancy for businesses across the UK

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