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Dandelion Dialogue Cards

Dandelion Dialogue Cards


Dandelion Dialogues: Dyslexia Friendly Emotion Cards. Supporting emotional regulation and communication. 


NEW NeverTear material. Fully waterproof and tearproof material! Perfect for all weathers and locations. 


When a child lacks the emotional vocabulary to communicate verbally, their behaviour becomes their language. 


Dandelion Dialogue cards empower your child as they develop the understanding of emotions and as they become emotionally literate.


Twenty-two cards feature 22 differing facial expressions, with the related emotion displayed in clear, dyslexia friendly text below. The reverse side of each card features a 'signed' explanation and picture of the related emotion.


Dandelion Dialogue cards are an essential part of a child's emotional toolbox and will support them to communicate, not only understanding their own emotions, but those of others around them.


Set of 24 cards. 8.5cm x 5.5 cm. 

Illustrations by Maddy Groom.

Design by Es Follas-Shell, for Dandelion Education LTD.

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